India’s Trendsetter Of Fashion

When you heard the term Fashion, What comes first into your mind ? Most people will think of stylish look, clothing, stunning dresses, hair, beauty, personality etc. but who is keep setting these styles ? Who is changing trends each and everyday ? Well let us tell you who is behind this.

We often heard the term Fashion and the first thing which comes into our mind is styling looks, stunning dresses, hair, beauty, personality and many other things. But have you ever think who made this look ? Because of which entire world looks fashionable. Who are the people behind this trends ? Well, if you don’t know the answers then don’t worry, we are here for that.

There are some people who looks at fashion in an artistic form and known as Fashion trendsetter. They are the ones who decide which trends will look cool this summer or winter. You have to avant-garde in your style to tune with colours. They have huge knowledge of what’s going around the world with how many skills you required to have a stylish wardrobe. And the most important thing, they should set trends according to people need and comfort.

Fashion trendsetter are the people who looks at fashion as an artistic form. You will have to be creative to tune with colour blends. It is vital that any potential fashion trendsetter should be knowledgeable of current fashion trends around the world, with great skills at acquiring a stylish wardrobe, capable of attracting plethora of compliments, and most important what you setting up as trend should be according to people needs and comfort too.

Fashion trends generally shaped and influenced by celebrities but nowadays celebrities not only influence fashion trends but create them too. Today, we are gonna list India’s most popular or famous Fashion trendsetter who changed the way we think of fashion in India. Have a look –

He is one of the best example of self made man, belonging from a middle class family of Kolkata and now working with all the big brands and Bollywood. Sabyasachi is truly inspiration for young fashion designers. He is graduated from National Insitutde of Fashion Technology and won his first award in the year 2001 by Femina British Council’s most outstanding young Designer of India award, which took him to London. After that he won many international and national awards and worked with many big brands and celebrities too. He is famous for designing luxury wedding garments and setting new trends each & everyday.

Image Credit : The Ladies Finger

Manish Malhotra is someone who is famous for his glamorous costumes & often works with Hindi cinema actresses. In the early days of his career he launched his venture with he name ‘Reverie – Manish Malhotra’ that brought him clientele from beyond the film industry to fashion-marvels across India. Soon after he received many appreciation for his glamorous ensembles and presented at his first runway show in November 1999. After that his career kick off and in 2005 he launched his couture label MANISH MALHOTRA which offers bridal, couture, diffusion and men’s wear collections.

Image Credit : Vogue India

In the year 1997 Manish Arora launched his own label “Manish Arora” and started retailing in India. Three years later, he participated in the first-ever Indian Fashion Week and represented India at the Hong Kong Fashion Week. In few years he awarded as the Best Women’s Pret Designer at the first ever Indian Fashion Award and after that he represented his label in many international fashion weeks like London, Miami and many more. He was also got published as “Best Indian Fashion Designer ” in the year 2006 which makes him one of the best fashion trendsetter in India.

Image Credit : Hindustan Times

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